Founder of Retreat N’ Rise

Yaga Bialski (pictured above with Sam), was a practicing adult clinical psychologist for 40 years, and in the last 10, after completing her doctorate in spiritual psychology and counseling, has focused on guiding people all the way up.  Out of darkness, out of limiting conditioning, out of all possible ego traps.

She is dedicated to guiding people, one-on-one, in a highly effective way to create a liberating personal change.  And what better place to transition than here in majestic Costa Rica at Retreat n’ Rise.

Yaga, originally from Poland, moved to Canada in the ’80s where she established her private psychotherapy practice and raised her three beautiful, talented and accomplished children, from babies to adulthood, as a single mother.

She moved to Costa Rica in 2015 to prepare retreats for her growing audience, she also wrote 12 children’s books, , and is working on her second book of essential knowledge of learning to change: “The difference between feelings and emotions”.

Yaga’s uniqueness in her knowingness and dedication in this life to share her wisdom and learning, creates a truly genuine position in this world for her to help others to achieve their greatness and strengthened sense of self.  She appears to be an original human that created her returns to this earth each time with an increased understanding of human possibilities.   One can observe this in her ease of navigating through this life;  experiencing what others would call miracles, giving the most difficult feedback to hear, strongly rooted in love.  Her feedback becomes your piece of knowledge that you cannot deny.  You have an urge to turn it to wisdom by experiencing your change.  It is possible for all of us to contribute, and now needed more than ever in recent human history.

To find out about her initiative to start Retreat N’ Rise, here is a snippet from Yaga’s website at :

“The concept of retreats came from my most rewarding interaction with a creative force in humanity, manifested by individual acts of creation, and asking in the process for my involvement in it all as an inspiration.  The focus of my retreats will be teachings based on my book ‘Consciousness, Spirit, Soul, and the Ego’,, as well as the newest key to freedom from ego traps: an understanding of the difference between feelings (stemming from the authentic) and emotions (stemming from the egoic mind).

Having this understanding gives one the solid base for living authentically in order to become an asset, not a liability to the Universal Mind.  This is the most important, necessary knowledge for aware-living learning, and yet very few people speak about it, and no one but me teaches it directly and practically.

Wait, that’s not right!  Other people do it.  They just don’t do it right!

Wait, that’s not true.  They are doing it right, just not on my level!

Wait, that’s not true, there are no levels… oh, but there are… I am 6’2″… the original human… ”

~Yaga Bialski


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