Group retreats locations and content

Our goal is to eventually have group retreats offered in 2 locations depending on your budget and preference:

Our main location on the Pacific Ocean coast is Villa Durazno,, a boutique hotel with an ocean view, located 10 minutes from breathtaking beaches and all amenities.  It is a great spot for those who want a few extra luxuries.  This stay includes two daily 2-hour group sessions with Yaga, 3 meals daily (prepared on site with the best local food), enjoying the pool with ocean view, and plenty of time to reflect, relax, and just ‘be’.  This space is ideal for those traveling as a group or those who have staff accompanying them.  It is private and in a gated community with security systems, and 24/7 property guards.

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Located more off the beaten path in Sabalito is Living Forest Lake Arenal Retreat Center, (pictured below).  Here you can enjoy being immersed in nature and visited regularly by wildlife.  Enjoy the soothing sounds of the river that runs through the property as you relax in a hammock on the open deck, a perfect spot to reflect in peace and tranquility.

Deck from the forest



Please talk with us personally before booking so the best possible package can be designed for you.

Keep in mind, the individual package fees listed below are based on groups of 12 participants, and do not include flights.  Costs vary depending on group sizes.

Day layout:


6:00  Meditation

6:30 Walk, run, yoga with a teacher, more meditation – your choice.

7:30  Breakfast

8:30  Group session

10:30  Fruit snacks, questions, free time


1:00  Lunch

2:00  Siesta, or read, swim, walk, run, meditation

4:00  Group session

6:00  Dinner

7:00  Free time

From the second day on, each morning group session will include a round of improvisation of a continuous story telling.  The topic is chosen (voted on) by the group. Sometimes Yaga will chose by an instant inspiration.

Each evening group session will include an individual presentation of personal path; what works what doesn’t and ways of searching for clarity.  The more open and involved in the process of self-discovery a person becomes, the more clear is the understanding of his/her next step, thus the energy and a pull to create harmony becomes stronger.

Content of the sessions:

Day one ~ Evening session:

1. Greet, meet.

2. Presentation of the content.  Introducing the concepts of the conditioned self (programs of the brain) and authentic, timeless self (non-local and creative).  The differentiation between our two identities will run through the course of retreat, like a needle of a compass pointing to true north, telling artists where we draw creativity from and what and how it’s blocked.

Day two ~ Morning session:

1.  Assessment of the wellness and insight.  The difference between judgement and assessment is that the former withholds love and the latter doesn’t.  Our retreats are rooted in love (non-mushy) with power of wisdom, giving solid support to anyone willing to walk out of confusion to clarity.  Light is the how, Love is what.

2.  Sharing the history of personal learning and change.  Stories.

3.  Sharing individual clarity. Ideas.

Day two ~ Evening session:

1.  Dictionary, understanding the concepts of the conditioned self (programs of the brain) and authentic, timeless self (non-local and creative).  Ego and the I (written ‘Ai’)

2.  Sorting the understanding of each through voices of own inner world and in the observation of others.

Day three ~ Morning session:

1.  Separation and connection. Creating one voice.

2.  Recognizing own conflicts.

Day three ~ Evening session:

1.  Exercises in “finding Waldo”, spotting the ego and switching to authentic.  Teaching the recognition in the voice (tone, vibration, pitch), body language (facial expressions), and sensitivity to energetic messaging (frequency and information).

2.  Assisting others by feedback and chronicling own progress in interacting / showing up authentic.

Day four ~ Morning session:

1.  Day trip to an elected site.  Sharing the learning

Day four ~ Evening session:

1.  Sharing reflections.

2.  Guided imagery.

Day five ~ Morning session:

1.  The perception of own path, sharing a shift in understanding.

2.  Decisions and changes.

Day five ~ Evening session:

1.  Open for questions

Day six ~ Morning session:

1.  Insights of the participants about the experience of change

2.  Exchange of feedback

Day six ~ Evening session:

1.  Ho-o-pono-pono ~ Hawaiian way to close the day

Day seven ~ Morning session:

1.  Summary

2.  Closing ceremony

Keep in mind that each group creates own direction as the call for focus is placed by the needs of its members.  Often longer and reoccurring retreats are needed, therefore funds, arrangements for accommodation and leader’s time, should be included.

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