Authentic Effect Therapy System

Yaga Bialski PhD, creator of Authentic Effect Therapy System


Authentic Effect Therapy System is a school of thought and practice, which guides students through a process of realizations, where personal identity shifts from the conditioned positionality of the mind, towards the liberated, boundless, yet clearly identifiable authentic self.

In the process all occupied positions become less and less determined, especially the adversarial, ballistic, us vs them, bad vs good, black and white, etc. Boundaries of self progressively become softer, expand and eventually one lets go an army of mental soldiers ready to fight for one’s positions.

Authentic Effect Therapy System was developed by Yaga Bialski during 40 years of guiding others, learning what makes a difference for people seeking lasting change and authentic growth. Initially Yaga Bialski as a clinical psychologist and therapist applied known methods being trained in Gestalt, humanistic, bioenergy and transactional analysis but then she shifted to self-developed spiritual psychotherapy and lastly to Authentic Effect Therapy practice.

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