The time for change


8 signs that you need to come to a retreat:

1.  You don’t see others as interesting, or you see yourself as no fun to be around, so you experience a decline of social outings.

2. You’ve experienced a loss, trauma, or unsettling change.  A retreat is to help you to heal, and in healing you too will become a healer.

3. You notice recklessness in your decisions or carelessness in your activity pattern.  In a retreat, your decisions will be supported when good for you.

4. You become apathetic, bored and not into your usual fun things.  You are ready for change.  A retreat will do it.

5. Relationships are not fulfilling, are demanding a lot of energy, or are toxic for you.  In a retreat you will be facing your inner enemies and be guided to shed the demons that make your interaction with others run by faulty programs.

6. You often feel up and down in one day.  In the morning you feel sadness and hopelessness, next you feel energetic and hopeful.  One day you wake up irritated, even angry or fearful, by the evening you are agreeable and accepting.  You are ready for new insight.  A retreat will give you plenty of it.

7. You search for a deeper understanding of yourself.  Well… that’s the best reason to come for our retreat!  The best for all of us, because it’s all co-creative!

8. You want to connect with someone who ‘gets’ you and cheers for your evolution every step of the way.

Top page picture is of the sunset from Yaga’s pool deck.