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We offer 7 or 11 days group retreats for people of all ages, that teaches how to overcome anxiety, hopelessness and how to be in charge of your mind.

The next 11 days retreat is in October 2018, 17th -28th.

Many of you who have been searching for a retreat will be happy with our program, that delivers way more stretching than Yoga.

We have great location for soul-nurturing activities and rest.

All pictures on this page are of my home, and the 6 bedroom villa of the neighbor where you will be accommodated for a group retreat.  In my home there are are two spacious bedrooms located on the second level, each with king sized bed, walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. There is a huge balcony with a hammock so you can relax and take in the stunning view of the ocean sunsets.

Daily meals will be prepared on site with the best, fresh, local food.  Any diet restrictions or preferences will be accommodated, of course.






Our retreats are for those who find themselves lost in their over-saturated lives of constant bleeps, updates, and reminders.  For those who find their lives over-crowded with meaningless relationships, obligations to insignificant tasks, and purposeless itineraries.

Yaga Bialski, PhD., will be hosting retreats in beautiful Costa Rica that might initiate your walk to freedom.

The retreats of wisdom and awareness offer you:

1. Learning to minimize your identity based on conditioned and reduced you.

2. Increase focusing on a continuously self-discovering, authentic, empowered you, because that’s where the creativity takes place.

The retreats also provide an opportunity for self-healing.  By knowing the difference between programed and authentic you, the choice becomes clear and the good health follows.

The retreats, have essentially five stages:

1. Assessing where you are on the spectrum of authenticity.  Where do you draw energy from?  External rewards: praises, money, social status, holding to others, searching for answers in places knowledge and data…OR inner knowing: seeing the purpose of your life, understanding the design of your life events, conclusions from your experiences, searching for answers in places of wisdom.

2. Establishing and strengthening the connection between your awareness and your inner guide (soul, core, hunches within, inner wisdom).

3. Understanding your life’s design, through linking the dots on the path behind you, gives direction and energy to express creatively the new understanding of one’s place in the world.

4. Reinforcing trust in your own wisdom and turning it into creative action, often in a new modality.  Painter turns to film making, film maker turns to writing poetry, etc.

5. Learning the difference between creation and manipulation.  Creativity is at its highest and best when that truth is internalized and followed.

Yaga’s presence in your process has four points:

1. Guiding to express your discoveries

2. Counseling to be truthful with self

3. Supporting the courage

4. Inspiring the meaning of the journey



Group retreat Oct 17 – 28, 2018

Payments for the retreat can be discounted based on the application. Please include in the inquiry.


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