Costa Rica

Orange-chinned Parakeet (Brotogeris jugularis) in Costa Rica by Don Hamilton Jr.

Costa Rica is utterly magical!  If your heart is open to receive its frequency, this amazing country will resonate through every cell in your body.   With its abundant trees, plants, fish and animals, it provides amazing nourishment for all of your body’s needs, at very little cost, and a lot of the time at no cost at all.  The land provides freely, and is easily accessible to everyone, the way it is meant to be.  The local people greet you with a sincere, genuine smile and look into your eyes with a depth of connection and joy.  How Costa Ricans live is a lead we should all follow:  true, inner happiness based on the joy of life; to nourish your body with the vegetation and animals that the land provides and be truly grateful for them; to be helpful and kind to everyone you meet; and last but not least, play melodic and cheery Spanish music and sing and dance to it!  Eating healthy and exercising are an easy, natural part of everyday life as you become part of an environment of seemingly timelessness, and welcomed simplicity.  Moments consume and suspend you in states of observation and awe of your surroundings.  And to top it all off, it’s flip flop season here all year long!  What better place is there to support retreats and teachings of change through the authentic perspective than in Costa Rica?!  It is the best package deal in life, ever!


See you soon!


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