Retreat n’ Rise Foundation was created in Costa Rica to draw the energy and warmth from this beautiful country, so supportive when one is shedding a painful past.  When we combine the wisdom based teachings with the comforts of our location, we have a winning opportunity to guide people out of pain, and confusion of their conditioning.

Although the tools to create a balanced, yet expansive life without constant longing and search for more are the most important take away from our retreats,  this peaceful country of gentle people and beauty of nature is not an accidental, minor asset of our plan!  Costa Rica is a place in the world where “I have to” has no meaning.

The program of the retreats was initially designed to teach teachers and help health care providers, to learn how to apply own and client’s intuition and wisdom in making decisions about health care and education, without doubting in own professionalism.

Obviously that would be the fastest way to spread the knowledge of how to lead a joyous and healthy life, and become self reliant, creative human. Well… unfortunately this is also the group that is the most targeted by social conditioning to hold the paradigm in place, and it takes a lot of courage to step out in search of own truth.

Using all sorts of technologies from gadgets to chemicals, people keep forgetting that we carry The Gadget of this planet, the human brain that is capable to produce all states of mind and body if given a chance.

Here is the chance and our retreats are now for everybody.

The summer school

No matter when you chose to come it will be a summer school, because here in Costa Rica it’s always summer.


Whether you come for an individual or a group retreat you will connect with your inner Guru and learn about your shortcomings and your power. Through meditation and contemplation you will close the gaps in self perception when examining your life. Although it can be a serious work, you will laugh about it as well.

In our retreat you will have daily quiet time to let your learning become your stage of evolution and contribute to your new aware presence.

You will also have relaxing activities like day trips, yoga, massage, a game of tennis or walks on the beach. If you feel like being a tourist and doing vacation activities, there is so much to do in Costa Rica, especially around this area:  horseback riding, zip-lining (canopy) over the cloud forest, a sunset cruise, snorkeling or scuba diving, boating, golf, surfing, rappelling down a waterfall, biking, and beach hopping in Guanacaste.

We offer 7 or 11 days group retreats for all creative, evolving seekers. See schedule on the next page. If you would want to stay longer for your private vacation, there is an unlimited amount of time in our accommodations that you can book while you here.

We provide very comfortable accommodation, so retreats are in no way a ruffing in the wild. DSCN3933

The main house, porch


One of the villas in the neighborhood to rent for your accommodation


Pool of the main house



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