Retreat N’ Rise

Welcome to “Retreat N’ Rise”.  
Since R & R stands also for “rest and relaxation” you will find lots of time in the retreat to relax.  Surrounded by tropical nature, warm weather, safe and peaceful accommodation, and nourishing food;  you will have a chance to rest, to feel free of obligations, and disconnect. 
Although, if you only want to relax and have a good time, go to a resort, board a cruise ship, buy a case of wine and stay in your back yard.
Because … our R & R retreats are designed to prepare you to rise to all calls of life with a new view, renewed energy, and clearer motivations.  Therefore retreats with Yaga will also be a lot of dedicated, yet rewarding, work.
The retreats are for those whose path came to a stop and they can see that each next step will be repetitively painful, or a waste of time and energy in the life’s limited supplies!
It is rare when people have strength, knowledge, motivation and trust to change the course of life on their own.  It’s also not easy to find on-going wise guidance and strengthening support in the world of “do-it-yourself”.
To sort out your inner world you need the assistance of another mind that is wise, clear and intuitive.  We’ve got that covered for you.  Yaga will provide leadership to find your clarity.  When your mind becomes clear, intuition will come.  The voice within will become obvious, and your trust in your direction will strengthen. 
Yaga’s approach to understanding your voice of intuition and timeless, inner truths is stripped of techniques, methods, and recipes.  When a pure, timeless being enters the relationship with you, then only your pure, timeless being can show up to connect, eventually to become your recognized identity.
 Yaga is a wise, loving (and funny!) teacher who will guide you through discussions, meditations, reflections towards personal clarity.  We are all in different places in our own growth, search and evolution.  There is no dogma, technique, or recipe to become a better wiser, deeper, more loving you.  There is only an understanding of the difference between truth and falsehood in experiences you agreed to and created.  This non-dogmatic, liberating approach to personal sense of freedom is uncommon in the wad of helping modalities.
Give it a try.  Your rising up might be a surprising gift.


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